Thursday, November 10, 2011


I was scrolling through the last few weeks of family pictures in preparation for a new blog post and realized that Jon labeled the folders on the computer as simply "fun".  This is a small word that has big meaning for us this year.  The last few weeks have been filled with just  We have been breathing easier and smiling more and feeling lighter on our feet.  The fact that the end of treatment is in sight might be part of that feeling for us, but also, I think that God has been giving us repeated moments of life to savor and appreciate and relax.  Life is not all hard, all dark, all scary.  Moments of that, yes......but more times of life and light and love.  God is all about that, and we notice it and appreciate it more than ever. 

In October and so far in November we've celebrated Joseph's soccer team winning their first ever championship in a soccer tournament.....Ben and Jon visited Legoland for a belated birthday trip from last February......Had cousins visit from LA.....Participated in the Light the Night Walk with good friends.......Halloween fun with the family......Joseph turned 13!!!.....Witnessed our niece Grace get dedicated to God and celebrated with Jon's sister Anissa and her husband Chris.....Jon and Rebecca escaped life for a few days and travelled to Southern California to visit our college campus and see some friends as well as slip in a trip to the beach in Santa Monica and a day at Disneyland.......and Emma Kait reached round 10 of chemotherapy and had high counts the rest of the month.
1st Place U-13 boys  Davis Legacy Cup

The "Auburn Boys"

Boys day at Legoland

Light the Night

A Knight, a Butterfly Princess and a Trash Can

Chris, Anissa and Baby Grace

Joseph's 13th birthday

Point Loma.....memories




All fun, all smiles and all love.

Next Wednesday Emma enters round #11 and we are looking forward to the holidays as we gather with family in thanks and celebrate the birth of Jesus and to be filled with more hope, more love and more joy.  We are getting through this, and it's been full of blessings.

Our Emma Kait

Our Emma Kait

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