Sunday, December 11, 2011


I sit in our decorated and glowing living room with white Christmas lights sparkling up our tree and I can't help but reflect on what 2011 brought to our family.  Friends and family's Christmas cards are arriving in the mailbox and as I sat at the computer ordering our own today, I was flooded with images and emotions from our very full and very hard and very blessed beyond imagination year. 

We had an very unwelcome visitor to our life.  One that we could not plan for or understand, but we were met with people around us, the love to carry us and the strength beyond understanding.

I read words today from another blog that resonated with my heart, and I pray finds roots in Emma's soul...

"It isn’t about the cancer, it isn’t about what it has the ability to do to our bodies, it isn’t about the treatments or the part of us it takes away; its about the journey. Its about rediscovering the parts of yourself that you never ever knew or dreamed existed, and giving them room to grow and room to take flight. Its about seeing life through cancers eyes and being better because of it, being more whole and more alive despite it....I am still a daughter. I am still a daughter of the King. I am still the same that I was before I found out that I had cancer, just a little more a lot more mature and a heck of a lot less naive. I still have the same heart, the same dreams, the same desires. I am still me, cancer can't take that away.

It only made me stronger."

I know this year of treatment has has irreversible effects on Emma.  I am praying that those experiences are for her to stand on as she grows into the girl and woman God created her to be.  He knew this journey would be a part of her forever, and the challenges that she has had, the understanding that she has gained, the power of love that has been shown to her can only be for her good.  She is stronger.

She triumphantly faced chemo round #12 last week.  Tonight is her last dose of prednisone and 6MP for this round.  She came home and finished her homework and went to school the next day after chemo and took a science and math test.  She is my hero.

Chemo round #13 is set for December 28....then only two left.  We are getting there.  The end is in sight.

Our Emma Kait

Our Emma Kait

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