Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer is fleeting

It's that crunch time of year....anticipation of a new schedule, excitement over seeing school friends again, the familiar yet sometimes constricting rhythms and responsibilities of the fall returning.  Ours is mixed with the familiar and the newer familiar of adding, "CBC clinic appt." and "CHEMO" to my google calandar on the same day as "Soccer pictures", "School Orientation" and "Dentist appt."

Emma has had a great summer overall, and I will update with pictures soon.  I forgot to take the camera to Girl Scout camp, so I have to borrow photos from friends who were with us.  We are off to that first day of school orientation that my calendar says we must attend.  I think part of my transition to fall is that my brain shuts down a bit in the free thinking arenas and relies on what my calendars states is next...

She had a clinic appointment yesterday and her counts looked great...1400!   She is generally feeling really strong and is excited for school to ramp up.  Chemo is scheduled for next Wednesday afternoon.  #7 here we come. 

Blessings to you.



  1. almost half way! you amaze me emma kait! happy birthday...enjoy the start of 5th grade! we love you!!! and miss you!

  2. So glad she's feeling good and staying strong!


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