Monday, February 21, 2011

A little bit of normal

Our family has a quirky little tradition that started because my youngest sister Tessa would always beg my mom to make doughnuts, partially due to a wonderful children's book called Homer Price by Robert McCloskey and the inspiring picture of doughnuts filling a room.  To satisfy my sister's desire for doughnuts filling our kitchen, my mom conceded to making doughnuts at home by scratch once a year.  President's Day was chosen because my mom was a teacher and she always would be guaranteed to have the day off school.  Homemade doughnuts are not a quick or easy or clean thing to make and requires most of the day to accomplish (plus about 2 whole containers of vegetable oil for frying!)

The tradition has continued for 20 plus years and we now have our kids participating and looking forward to it. 

Funny thing....we are not very successful.  Every year we diligently and enthusiastically (some more than others in the family) try new dough recipes, cutters, batter dispensers, oil temperature and toppings for the doughnuts.  They are never very tasty.  And then there was the infamous "doughnut that resembled the anatomy of a human heart". 

The adults of the family slowly realized that we actually preferred the taste of bought doughnuts, so for the last two years, much to the kids dismay, have purchased the doughnuts to be consummed on our Doughnut Day. 

Last week, the kids made it clear that they wanted us to try again to make doughnuts this year.  Armed with new enthusiasm, we picked a recipe and planned the day.  My sister Tessa, who now lives and works in Paris, France was even going to make the same recipe and skype to us on the day. 

Then, last Wednesday our lives changed.  Emma was so hoping to make it to Doughnut Day, and thankfully, she did just that.  Together as a family, we gathered today at my mom's house, my sister Bethany whipped up the recipe-which by the way was hands down the BEST doughnuts we've made to date-thanks to my favorite recipe blog:, the cousins played inside and outside, Emma helped cut out doughnuts, and we melded together, took naps, laughed, and played as a family, gathering our strength and resolve for the future. 

My girl and me in our matching jammies

Cousin Lily

Lily's second Doughnut Day and still not sure about it

Benjamin-Emma's little brother who is turning 8 years old tomorrow

Happy Birthday Ben!

Laughing with crazy cousin Carter

The results

As my dad says, "Not Bad!"

Lily and Emma Kait
Thankful for a little bit of "normal" because of our very abnormal family tradition.


  1. awesome!!! They looked delish!!! :) I'm prayin so much for Miss Emma Kait.

  2. What a fun tradition! the quirky ones are the best. So glad you had some normal, especially these days. Parkside is praying for Emma Kait, as is our household. We love you so much, and pray for strength and oodles of love for your family.

  3. I love this beautiful day with all those happy faces! I cannot help, but to join in the smiling myself.

  4. Yay yay yay! I'm so happy you guys were able to carry on the tradition, and that the donuts turned out fab! I loved the pics and wish I were there...

    Love to everyone!

    Happy Birthday Benjamin!

  5. What a wonderful tradition!! The little things will be the most beautiful! Thanks for sharing the love and smiles!!

  6. By the way, Emma Kait's smile just touches me at the deepest parts of my soul!

  7. YUM! Rebecca, when we become neighbors soon, we'll have to do some of that Pioneer Woman cookin' together, She is my favorite also! We can bake up those cinnamon rolls while all the kiddos play. I know that day will come soon... God is good. Emma Kait, we continue to pray specific things for you every day. Keep smiling!

    Look up Zephaniah 3:17... God DELIGHTS in you, Emma Kait! He is rejoicing over you with beautiful song.

  8. So Fun! So happy that you all got a little bit of normal yesterday! Praying, Praying, Praying for more of those!
    Happy Birthday Ben!!! From Aaron, Jonah, Anna and Josh & Rebecca Unfried. We hope that you have a wonderful day today!

  9. Rebecca,
    I share each day with you and your family on your blog. You are loved and your strength in the Lord is just amazing. Praying for all of you.

  10. what an awesome family tradition. so glad that emma was able to be there. we will continue to pray for emma.
    happy birthday ben!

  11. What an incredible family; the pictures are absolutely delightful, and Emma's smile is completely contagious. Marin and Michelle send happy thoughts to all of you. Michelle says she's planning on playing soccer with all of you again in the Fall--so get better soon. Love Katy, Marin and Michelle

  12. oh the memories of doughnut days with you all are flooding back!!!!! i have to say,those are by far the best looking ones i have ever seen! Tessa would be so proud!!! they look pretty darn yummy too!
    hurray for doughnuts! hurray for family! hurray for a bit of "normal". hurray for moms who trust in the Lord, even as their "normals' change forever.

  13. Thanks to Robert McClosky, one of my favorites, and thanks to Pam and her beautiful daughters for keeping this thing going - you are all so blessed and now your kids are sharing in it too. Oh bliss, oh rapture, oh poop poop

  14. Yay for ALL of you!!! SO GLAD you got to COME HOME and Go Nuts making Donuts! ;) The best things in life are simple and sweet - (who really can define "normal" anyway?! - lol!). Your smiles, your courage, your faith, your God-given strength, and your love for each other will get you through this. You are a brave sweet soul Emma Kait - We are in awe of you! ...Praying for you ALL everyday! xoxoxo (Have a Great #8 Benjamin Boy! :) Love,love,love, Janine,Mark,Kelsey,Tanner,Molly
    February 22, 2011 11:45 AM

  15. Love it, what a great idea. A lil bit of normal is a good thing.


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