Monday, February 28, 2011

Clarity....sort of

Calling Grammy to tell her about the snow falling at our house

We had our first of many "clinic" visits today.  Each week for the remainder of her treatment will begin on Mondays with a visit similar to the one we experienced today.  The pediatric oncology offices are similar to any physician's office, but I'm gathering that there is a more open door policy than most.  I guess cancer kind of takes away some of the privacy that one might come to expect in any other setting.  The patient and their parents need to see so many different specialists within that one clinic visit, that it's more of an ebb and flow of doctors (we saw three today), nurses (we saw three different nurses today) and social workers.  The door to each treatment room always stays open and you can hear parents report on how the week is going, any change of behavior, any cause for concern, any high temperatures noted and discussed. The child's name is written on a yellow sticky note (that gets attached to their treatment room door) along with all the other peds oncology patients that will trickle through the office that day.  The little window that holds the handwritten names of our children, these precious, innocent, brave little patients stabs my heart when I see them.  These names of children that belong to families that never knew this would be a part of each of their stories.  An indelible mark of bravery and struggle that each family must walk through.  Such a simple reminder, written on little yellow slips of paper. 

She had her blood drawn today, the last time through a vein in her arm.  Going forward all blood will be able to be drawn via her port. We had good news today.  ANC level is good.  Platelet count is good.  Other aches and pains are all normal and can be expected with the amount and varied number of medications that she is now taking.  Her wound looked good and we have discussed her surgery plan for port placement coming this Friday.  

Snow Day with the boys in her life (Dad, Joseph, Ben)

We discussed a few options and hope for her to be able to attend some school on some days bearing ANC level, energy level and other risk factors. (with me by her side)  She is excited at the possibility and we cautiously hope that might be a reality.....sometimes.  We discussed again some of her 10 year old kid concerns and she took the news like a seasoned oncology patient, not one who had just learned of her journey not more than a few days ago.  I continued to be amazed by her strength, continued to be bothered by the details and the unknown bumps in the road ahead of us, and continue daily to be humbled by the great love and care each of you, our treasured family and friends are heaping upon us.  


  1. Yes, Rebecca & Emma, the clinic visits are like that every time. Let's just have everyone in the building stuff themselves into this little room and ask the same questions over and over again! It's nuts sometimes. Veronica gives the "eyeroll" after a while, like "weren't you paying attention when that fella over there asked that same question 5 minutes ago?" It gets pretty funny. She makes them laugh.

    So will there be a treatment on Mondays and then home spending each week recovering? How will it play out? We are hoping to have an idea of how to pray as each day and night unfold. Love,
    Veronica, Char Nat and John

  2. Foundation Stones

    I would not lose the hard things from my life,
    The rocks o’er which I stumbled long ago,
    The griefs and fears, the failures and mistakes,
    That tried and tested faith and patience so.

    I need them now; they make the deep-laid wall,
    The firm foundation-stones on which I raise--
    To mount therein from stair to higher stair--
    The lofty towers of my House of Praise.

    Soft was the roadside turf to weary feet,
    And cool the meadows where I fain had trod,
    And sweet beneath the trees to lie at rest
    And breathe the incense of the flower-starred sod;

    But not on these might I securely build,
    Nor sand nor sod withstand the earthquake shock,
    I need the rough, hard boulders of the hills
    To set my house on everlasting rock.

    Annie Johnson Flint

  3. may He continue to pour out His indescribable peace, mercy and grace on you each. i stand in awe of how you are glorifying Him through each step. i love you so emma kait...what a beautiful child of God you are.
    yesterday was my first too...the first monday of fasting for my precious niece. i will continue to fast and pray for you every monday until this journey is behind you sweet emma kait. holding you up to our faithful Savior, He who promises to make good of all that comes for those who love Him. never forget, your weakness is made perfect in His strength!

  4. So glad to hear that Emma's counts are up... AND she looks beautiful too!

    Rebecca, I have LOTS of school things that I can donate. I have specific school workbooks (California history, math, science, language arts... you name it) that I would LOVE to give to you if that is a need. There are some fun workbooks that keep it light, yet they learn a lot too. Let me know if this would help. I have a lot of crafty things as well. We prayed last night that the fine art of keeping life somewhat normal for ALL of you would be something achieved at this time. :0)

    Love you all!

  5. Rebecca,
    You have no idea how I look forward to reading your updates on Emma. I think about her all the time, wondering how she's feeling/doing. And when you give us so many details, it helps when I pray for specific needs. You are such a good writer- I feel like I'm right there with you. Jack and/or Valerie Sanchez would be pleased! So, please keep it up.
    Love to you and your whole extended family!
    Marilyn Fasani


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