Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The first bump

Within minutes of pressing "publish post" last night on my recent blog entry, Emma came into our room crying.  She was having chest pressure and pain, throat pain and stomach pain.  After trying to console her for a few minutes, and after taking her temperature and finding it within normal range, she started shaking all over.  We then called the Dr. and he wanted us to come to the hospital right away....11pm and he would admit her for at least 2 days.  She and I drove the 45 minutes on the dark freeway down to the hospital in Sacramento.  After a long IV placement (they punctured her vein, couldn't draw blood, administered 2 syringes of saline into her tissue, before finally finding the correct placement and getting a successful line) drawing labs, started stat antibiotics, and ordering a blood culture, we finally were able to rest.  We will be here at least 2 days while they culture her blood, looking for any hidden infection that may be the cause of her unusual symptoms.  The first of many bumps.......on our road.  Sigh!

She is feeling much better today and we are realizing that this is part of the journey.  We are praying for a cause of her symptoms and quick resolution.  We are also praying this does not push back her port placement surgery scheduled for Friday.

She spent the day adjusting to her newest hospital stay, playing scrabble with Grammy, eating Pirates Booty, watching a few movies and getting a "wish" granted by a wonderful program called "Little Wishes".  She was full of smiles after selecting a new Nintendo DSI to be delivered in the next few days.

Thank you for caring about her journey.  She continues to smile.


  1. There are no other words, she is simply AMAZING!

  2. ahhh...away we go! hold fast to this...He is faithful, He is good, He is wise, He knows. May this bump, the first of many, cause you to dig your feet in and fight with "militant persistence" to glorify Him...be it in your sadness, anger or praise!

    make sure to glance back at your older posts as these days carry forward...He has blessed you with perfect words that will bring great comfort to your weary soul in days and months to come. they do so now for us who stand on the sidelines cheering you on through this heart wrenching journey.

    may you feel our love, may you know His peace.

  3. "I love you. I am praying for you and hope to see you at church, maybe tomorrow, or Sunday, or Friday, or Saturday. Maybe we can play barbies together some day. I try to understand why you are so sick but don't understand all the words that the doctors are saying. I will keep praying for you to get better."

  4. Emma, you are my little HERO! Hang in there Sweetheart, we are praying for you! You are so BRAVE! Love you, more importantly, God loves you :)

  5. Emma,

    We are all thinking of you many times throughout our days. Just this afternoon Caleb asked me if I thought you were feeling okay today. We stopped and prayed together right then and there. His specific prayer was that you were feeling well enough to eat.... HA! Straight from the heart of a BOY... always gotta hope to feel well enough to eat!! :0)

    We will be praying now that they find the source of your symptoms and that you get to go back to the comforts of home soon.

  6. Emma Kait, you continue to amaze and impress us with your strength and courage. And with a smile to top it off. You are extraordinary.
    Thinking about you all and praying for you daily!

  7. Sweet Emma Kait and Sweet Rebecca,
    My words escape me this morning as I re-read this post. You both are showing strength and peace that is explained ONLY in that it comes from the ONE to whom you both belong. I love you. Thank you for adding your playlist. I LOVE it...but it makes it harder to read through the tears. xoxoxo
    love Kait


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