Friday, March 11, 2011

Message from Emma

Hi everybody it is Emma. My hair started to fall out so my mom's friend Sarah cut it. I really like it short and bouncy. If I mess with it some hair comes out. I can't wait to read your new posts!


  1. Hi Emma~

    We were so happy to see you at school this week. Your beautiful smile has been missed! Abigail and Anderson are following your blog along with me and they are keeping you in their hearts and in their prayers everyday too.

    We look forward to seeing you again soon!
    Love from the Walshs, Annie, Abigail & Anderson

  2. Hey Emma its Vee I agree with you I LOVE your hair all short and bouncy I am SO happy that I got to see you, have fun with Hank, "Minivan", and Addy. We love you and every person in your family

  3. Just think, Emma. You will get to wear a bunch of great hats and scarves and wigs, if you want! My mom's hair fell out, too, and when it grew back, it was curly - at least for a while!! Love hearing from you and, while it isn't fun to lose your hair, remember it's only temporary!!

    Love to you from all of the Gubbels Gang!

  4. Hi Darling--I found 2 scarves in my drawer in pinks, blues and greens and a cute white hat with a brim in Tessa's closet. I'll bring them tomorrow for you to try. I'll also look in a store in town and will bring that magazine picture I told you about. You are my hero. Everyday! :) Love, Grammy

  5. Hi Emma, I got some new toothpaste today. it is "silly strawberry" and tastes really good. My mom has a really cute pink scarf with fun poka dots on it that I am going to bring to church for you. You could wear in on your head and you would look so pretty! I hope you feel OK. I love you.

  6. hi my sweet ek...we have felt so privledged to pray for you, and are so excited to know that you were so brave and strong during thursday's difficult times. what a beautiful face of faith you are!!! please let us know when you decide to cut your hair again...i(christa) am gunna cut mine all off at the very same time! maybe i can even have dan skype it to you while my friend does it!

    we love you emma kait, and we constantly praise God for all He is doing in and through you.
    have a fun weekend!
    love you,

  7. Oh sweet Emma...the tuesday morning women's bible study is praying for you.
    I will look for some pretty scarves and give them to your Grammy.

  8. Emma, Your hair looks adorable! Doesn't it feel like a big weight off of your head? It still looks nice and thick to me. I hope I get to see you in church again soon--it was really great that you got to come last week.
    Love, Karen T.

  9. Emma,
    it sounds like you will be the Queen of Hats!!!!

  10. Emma,
    I love your new haircut. :) You are such a beautiful person inside and out that you will be just as beautiful if it all falls out. We are praying for you everyday. You are so strong, and you have the strongest One on your team!
    We send you lots of love and prayers.
    The Unfried's

  11. Emma,
    After reading your mom's post about the ups and downs of last week I could not help but think of the beautiful necklace your are making,and how it must have grown!
    We are continuing to pray for you. You know that God has many special names, one being, Jehovah-Raphe, which means the Lord who heals. He loves you!

  12. Hi Emma,
    My name is Mrs.Fasani and I was your mom's PE teacher at Del Oro High School And my son, Rick, played baseball with your daddy. I also had tons of your aunts in my PE classes, too! And I think a couple other sons played ball with your uncle Rob. And my youngest son went to school at Pt Loma with your Uncle Garrett. I have lots of 'good stories' about all of them! (:
    Haven is my grand daughter and her birthday is the same as yours! But you're older by 2 years. I was wondering if you have the dvd, Princess Bride? Cause if you don't, I would like to get it for you. That is the Fasani Family's favorite video! When the boys get together, sometimes they get started and they can almost recite the whole movie! My favorite part is the "iocaine" scene- and also when Billy Crystal chases his wife around yelling "witch, witch"! If you haven't seen the movie, you won't know what in the world I'm talking about; but, if you have seen it, I bet you're nodding your head and smiling right now! I'm sitting in the Las Vegas airport- my connecting flight is delayed 3 hours. I'm on my way to my sister's cattle ranch in El Paso, Tx. We need to round up a whole bunch of cattle. I also have a colt there named Rocky and a filly named Cricket. I will send you some pictures. When I'm in El Paso, I am going to try and find a very special hat for you. Not a cowboy hat necessarily but something real different and cute. Well, I think I am taking up too much room on your post page so I had better sign off. You are always in my prayers!!
    Mrs. Fasani

  13. Emma,

    As I've been packing up our house (Did your parents tell you we're moving right up the street from you? I know, not EXTREMELY exciting since all we have are boys, but...) I found a big box of rubber stamps. I thought, Hmmm... I know I won't be using these too much anymore, but I DO know of a pretty sweet 10 year old girl who would probably have a TON of fun with them! I will bring them over sometime soon, okay? Maybe we could have some fun together, and then I'll leave them with you to have MORE fun.

    Love you Emma. We pray for you several times a day EVERY day...

  14. Emma,
    I arrived in El Paso yesterday and the first thing I did was to go buy a much needed pair of boots. And guess what I found... a neat hat for you! It will be mailed tomorrow so be looking for a package from El Paso the beginning of next week. We rounded up 100 cows and about 100 steers/heifers today. We only had to move them 3 miles. Tomorrow we have to move many more 8+ miles!! Oh, my poor booty! I ride a horse named 'Preacher'. In a few days, I'll give Preacher a rest and probably ride 'Spirit'. You take care now. I'm still praying for you...
    Mrs. Fasani


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