Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's the little things

I have always felt inadequate and awkward when it comes to comforting someone in a challenge, a struggle, someone who is facing life changing realities, or someone who is mourning.  I have thoughts that swirl around about how bad I feel for them, how I would like to do or say something to help them get through the difficult situation, or thoughts about how I could help.  I usually fail to act or say much due to my insecurities about saying or doing "the right thing".

I am learning.  God is teaching me through this journey, that it's not really WHAT is said, but the love and honesty behind the words.  It's the little acts of care and thoughfulness....however small or insignificant seeming, that makes all the difference in how lonely or scary your situation feels.  Thank you for all the little things that are carrying us and warming our hearts.

Some of the little things:

Jeff, our nurse from 7pm to 7am, who offered to bring in a real bed (even though that is not "allowed" for parents) for me to sleep on last night to get a better night's rest.

Amy, who drove all the way to Sacramento to bring Emma her glasses.

Bethany, who painted Emma's toes......twice.

Nate, who simply texted me "love you guys".

Janet and Sharee, who baked us homemade bread.

Kim, our day nurse who issued me a parking pass for a whole month.....even though it should have only been for 3 days.  ($1 per hour of parking every time we are here can really add up).

Facebook messages.

Anissa and Chris, who sent a care package from Illinois complete with a portable DVD player for Emma.

Carmen, who packed me a "mom's hospital survival kit" in a beautiful floral tote bag with everything to make any hospital stay more bearable.

Notes and cards for Emma and for us.

My husband Jon, how could I have picked a better husband and father for our kids.  You are my first love and the only one I can imagine walking through this journey with side by side.  (I guess that's not really a "little thing" but after you seeing this picture taken this afternoon, understand why I mention this).

We hope to be discharged tomorrow.  Emma is feeling good.  We will go home to rest for less than 24 hours and then come back early Friday morning for her port placement surgery.  The journey continues....


  1. Every day I am amazed at your ability with words, the love and strength that your family shows and your beautiful pictures. I just love Emma's smile in them, but this one is truly touching. I especially love the sun coming in behind him.
    I am here. I am following. And I am thinking of you all every day!

  2. Rebecca, Thinking especially of you tonight in that other bed, can remember it like yesterday, I was re-reading an email to Kim when we had only be at Sutter Memorial ICU 10 days and I was so exhausted, didn't think I could take another day and wanted to go home. One day at a time, God gave me the strength to make it 53 more days, two more hospitals and every day since then and He will be there for you too. All of you. Just do one day, one hour, one moment at a time and don't look down at the water...just jump out of the boat, take His hand, look Him in the eye and keep walking without any doubt. Love you all! Love to Emma! (Matt. 14:29-31)

  3. Rebecca
    I would love to come give you a rest if Emma would be ok with me awhile. PLEASE let me know if and when. I am available! Even if it gives you a chance to walk down to the coffee shop and back. I am here. We are praying! I love you all!

  4. So glad to hear that you get to go home tomorrow, even if it's just for a little rest before the next step on the journey. Praying for you guys!

  5. Thank you for sharing this journey with all of us. It helps me know how to pray specifically for your needs. It builds up my faith in God reading about all the miracles & see how God is providing...even little things.
    I love to keep your blog open while doing other things on the internet to listen to Emma Kait's play list...a real blessing to hear the music! I love it is "Well With My Soul"(my personal all time favorite song.)

  6. Rebecca and Emma, I love hearing what God is doing in your life and look forward to each new post and picture. I love seeing your family picture on my refrigerator and think and pray for your family all throughout the day. What a wonderful image of faith and strength your family is! Thank you for letting us come with you through this. The Unfried Family hopes to bring dinner for your family soon (you are all booked up with dinners for now :) - what a blessing!!!).
    Sending love and prayers your way from the Unfried Family :)

  7. Praying for you here, for your whole family, and wish you all the comfort and grace the Lord can provide.

  8. Constantly checkin in on Fb and the blog for new updates. My heart hurt so much when finding out the news but I am continually amazed at your strength, your faith, your beautiful words that have drawn so many in. I am anxiously awaiting an email from Amy to see what it is that your family can use so that I feel like I can do something. Funny that you mentioned the homemade bread. I was just thinking yesterday as I was pulling bread out my freezer. Jon doesn't like Rebecca to freeze bread - he likes it to be fresh. And here someone delivers it to you. Why would I remember something like that? have a wonderful day.What a lucky girl Emma is to have you and Jon as parents. LUCKY!

  9. Praise God! He truly is a God of the little details!!! we love you...from far away LA!
    emma, we all pray for you daily(and sometimes even more than that!)

  10. Just got this blog address from Anissa. Will be praying for your family!

  11. The Grays will be praying for a successful surgery in the morning. We will pray for comfort on ALL levels, and that Emma's stay at the hospital is short and comfortable.

    We love you all ~

  12. I forgot to mention the beauty in this picture. What an incredible story it tells. Thank you for sharing it...

  13. Rebecca and Emma, your journey is God's voice to you right now... asking, pleading, talking, whispering sweet songs, letting you know that you are HIS, bought with a huge price for this very moment. So that you could call on His name, and know. Did I say KNOW? Yes, KNOW that he is the one who is carrying you in His very arms right now. Rest in Him. For He loves you so. And so do I!


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