Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A closer look

Emma is between tests.  This morning she had a PET scan for the 2nd time.  Her first was done the day after her diagnosis to determine the stage and extent of her cancer.  Today's scan was to again determine if the chemo has been working, to check to see if it has spread and ultimately help to "restage" her Lymphoma.  She was required to eat a high protein dinner with lots of green vegetable and no carbohydrates, as carbs (sugars) look very similar to cancer cells in the body in the PET scan.  So we had a ham, cheese and egg quiche, steamed broccoli and a big salad.  She then had to fast from food, but drink lots of water this morning until after the scan.  They had to start an IV (one of her least favorite forms of torture) because we could not wait for an available appointment that included an actual physician to access her port at the radiology clinic, so we put numbing cream on both hands on her best looking veins and thankfully, they accessed the vein on the first try with no pain.  Yay!  You gotta celebrate the little things sometimes.  She peacefully watched a movie on her portable DVD player while we waited for the "contrast" to be injected into her IV and to travel all around her body.  (She kept telling me different parts of her body that would suddenly have a sharp prick or pain sensation).  I assured her this was "normal"  however how the heck am I supposed to know what "normal" feels like to a body being bombarded with chemicals that get delivered in a metal syringe that is stored in a huge heavy steel box that has a lock on it, similar to radioactive materials.....oh wait........that was radioactive material they just injected into my 10 year old little girl!  (but I digress..........)  The scan part went beautifully and she peacefully layed still while her body was transported slowly through the large tubular machine. We packed up, hit a drive-through for pancakes and eggs.....she was starving.....and made it to school by morning recess.


Tomorrow is her CT scan.  A wonderful experience not unlike today where she has to fast again and then get injected with a different kind of contrast that makes people feel like they wet their pants.......SUPER.........dignity people, dignity.

Warm blankets are a cozy perk of all the tests
She then has her regular clinic appointment for a blood draw and general check in.  We are hoping to get the results from both scans, high blood counts, and an encouraging report on her prognosis.  We feel wrapped in support and love.  Thank you for caring.



  1. She is beyond brave. What an amazing girl you have.
    Sending love and prayers for positive results and a peaceful night of rest for you all..

  2. Hi Emma, Hi Rebecca ~

    Wow, what a day you all had by the time I saw your smiling faces at school! I am continually amazed at your strength. I hope you had time to get by the PO box, we had a little surprise for you there... :) We are thinking of you all everyday and lifting you and your entire family in prayer. Anderson & Abigail have each asked their church classes to pray for Emma, so lots of little prayer warriors are praying for you too! Love & )))HUGS((( Annie & Family

  3. Emma Kait,

    I am praying for your tests to all be good. I can't wait to walk for your walk-a-thon. I hope you are feeling better.


    lilyana dawn (she typed her name all by herself)

  4. I'm hoping all comes back well and everything looks good tomorrow as well. Such strength and acceptance!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this journey for all of us. It helps me to know what to specifically to pray for. Most of all it strengthens my own faith to see how God's is working in your lives. I know if I ever have a journey that is difficult, I can trust in my Father because I have seen how faithfully He is there in your journey each step of the way!

  6. I have great difficulty commenting, you know how I feel. We have been praying non-stop for God's will, and will be there for you no matter what it turns out to be. We are overcomers.

    Love, Char

    For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith. I John 5:4

  7. even in this crazy mixed up "new normal" that you now live, you still manage to make me laugh...

    praising God for who He is, even in our wildest storms.

    love you

  8. Rebecca and Jon, I've been catching up on your blog posts and the progress of your journey (I'll admit it has been a while since I last checked the page) and I am struck with a wave of admiration for the two of you. It is a true gift to have you so openly share your struggles rather than keeping them to yourselves. By reading your posts I feel not only like I can join on the journey, but I feel like I know the two of you better and respect you more than ever. I was especially touched to read the things that Jon wrote a while back--who knew that so much depth existed inside that quiet exterior. And Rebecca, even though I have known you since highschool, your writing has helped me to understand and appreciate you on a whole new level. Thankyou again, both of you, for allowing me and others to have access to your personal thoughts and your pain on this incredibly difficult journey that you have begun.

    With love and respect,


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