Friday, June 10, 2011

We are here, we are here, we are here!

I've been absent for a few weeks from blogging...I apologize.  We have been completely wrapped up in the "lasts" of the season.  Last full day of school (aka last day of packing lunches for mom!) last day of school, last books to turn in, last backpack full of papers....all times three kids.  It's been a blessing that Emma has been able to experience and participate in all of it due to feeling great and high blood counts. We are praising God that He allowed such a "normal" end of the school year for her.  Today we went to an all school swim day and BBQ at the local park.  She did not skip a beat when she pulled off her sun hat, handed me her glasses and jumped into the pool with her fuzzy white head.  I loved seeing that nobody from our little school community even blinked an eye at her either.  Ahhh, the comfort of a safe and secure environment for our brave Emma girl.

We are celebrating summer being here with a family dinner, fire pit s'mores in the backyard and cousins from Los Angeles sleep over in the tent.  We are here!  It's a relief to have a break from the regular schedule and committments. We are intentionally going to be casual about planning things this summer and might be a little less "plugged in" to the internet.  Please know that if there is anything drastic or concerning with Emma and her health, I will certainly put the word out and ask for prayer......but if you don't see anything new for a few days or weeks, please celebrate with us in the fact that we are taking a much needed break, hanging out as a family, relaxing, appreciating the good days and being thankful that God is directing each step in this journey.

Emma still continues to have chemo every 21 days and we will be at the clinic each week to check her blood counts and be monitored.  We crossed a huge milestone at last week's chemo treatment in that it was her last scheduled spinal tap until the end of her entire protocol, which will be next spring. 

As I slathered sunscreen on her back this morning and noticed the two neat circular scars on her back from her bone marrow biopsy, I thanked God that He has been here with us since the beginning of this ordeal.  He knows the future, He knows our family and He knows and loves this girl.  I can try from the outside to protect her skin from the sun's harmful rays, but it's just a token of protection in comparison from the protection He is lending her every single day from the inside of her body all the way out.  I am so grateful her life is so secure in His loving hands.  Praise to Him alone.

Enjoy your summer days.  We are treasuring each one even more this year.  Thank you for your continued love and support. 



  1. I am rejoicing with the completion of milestones. I pray for a sweet summer for Emma and your entire family. We serve a good God. We love you guys!

  2. Just wonderful!! Enjoy every moment of it! I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and will continue to remember to be thankful for all the mundane things we do every day with our families.

  3. Enjoy your Summer, Emma Kait! I'm getting prepared for our local Relay For Life. I'm hoping to have a rummage sale to raise money. You have been in my Prayers daily, often several times each day and it appears He is answering them! Yay for your last spinal tap!
    I wanted to ask if your family has any more of your Face Of faith tshirts to sell? I would love to buy one and would wear it proudly! Your Mom can email me at
    Lots of Love to ALL of your family and Prayers for a Healthy, Fun-Filled Summer! Hugs ~ Jo

  4. praising God with you, in the light and in the dark. love you ek!!!


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