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It's in the details of life that make a difference...that make us notice.....that change us forever.  We are learning at church that a situation or story looks so very different if you zoom in on the pixels...the very minute particles of a painting.....that make up a whole masterpiece.  Those details are penned by our Creator and to change them, changes the whole.  A complete story cannot be told without the details that happen along the way.  I've been noticing those details lately, because it's easier than taking in the entire journey at once.  It's how God is showing us his love and care and it's how others are showing their love and support.  These are some of the details lately regarding Emma's journey......

Emma's 3rd and 4th grade class last year with Mr. Monkey

*She started 5th grade this week at school.  She sits among 23 other students who all accept her and love her and celebrate with her the fact that she has a bit of hair growing back.  They smile and laugh and look forward to the days that Emma can't be in class due to Dr. appointments or hospital stays, when Mr. Monkey, a stuffed animal, gets to attend class in her place.  They are a group of 10 and 11 year old kids whose hearts are open and are learning every day how to live alongside a person who has cancer and support them.
It's a beautiful thing.
Studying with two of her classmates

*Emma has a new teacher this year.  It's his first year at our school.  He attends a church who has been supporting and praying for Emma Kait since the beginning of her journey.  She listens to an ipod that they sent her along with an amazing gift basket of things to help her find joy in her circumstances.  He said to me, ".....I think one of the reasons I'm at this school teaching this year, is because of Emma Kait.  I didn't even know her when I took this job, but I'm learning so much because of her.  She is a light in the class when I scan the room. "

It's an awesome thing.  

Before going in to the concert

*We got a call last Friday from a friend who had tickets to a concert that she'd love to give to Emma Kait.  We attended the Taylor Swift concert on Saturday and Emma got to experience an incredible show and sing along with 13,000 other little girls to songs like "Fearless" and I couldn't help but smile when watching her. The seats were incredible and the people who were seated right in front of us were all teachers and immediately celebrated with Emma and gave her a poster and flashlight to help in the concert experience. She enjoyed it so much.

It was an exciting thing.

Some of her circle of support celebrating Emma's 11th birthday
*I run into people EVERY DAY who ask about Emma and share with me how they pray for her and their kids pray for her every day....without being asked.  I truly believe her journey has gone so smoothly because of the enormous amount of prayer support.  People we don't know and people we know are praying for her.

It's a powerful thing.

*The Fed Ex driver who delivered the package of Face of Faith bracelets today, when I mentioned they were bracelets to support my 11 year old daughter who was fighting cancer, opened up his door again and asked if I wouldn't mind sharing one of the bracelets with him.....he said he'd love to support her in her fight.  He drove off with a new pink rubber bracelet around his wrist.

It's a heartwarming thing.
Emma Kait-11 years old and more beautiful than ever

*The upcoming Walk with Emma Kait benefit walk/run in the beautiful and majestic Auburn Overlook.  Last year, before her diagnosis, I would walk and hike those very trails by myself and God would speak to my heart.  I think He was preparing me for the next step of my life which would require strength and bravery in amounts I've never before had to utilize.   I love the fact that we are able to attend an event in that very same location, along with our circle of supporters, to celebrate Emma's half way mark of her treatment.  God brings us back to places of significance in our life sometimes to help remind us that He's always with us, both in times of peace and in times of struggle.  

It's a remarkable thing.

At then end of this journey, I know we will look back and see it as a huge hurdle, a momentous detour in Emma's life.  It will become a story that will fade into her history of childhood.  I'm praying we don't forget these details, as they are the things that helped us move forward, get out of bed, smile in the face of fear, and walk each day with a renewed spirit.  Thank you for being a part of it.  
Emma and her dad


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  1. The lovely details...once again showing that you are not alone. Love that Emma got to see the concert this week. Thank you for sharing!


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