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Here is the other brave soul we would like to help from Walking with Emma Kait.....this is Jacob.  We've known Jacob for many years from church, have witnessed him playing capture the flag with Joseph at youth group events, have heard him play the violin beautifully at a Christmas Eve service and have loved their family in our close knit community.  It was heartbreaking to hear of his diagnosis of severe Aplastic Anemia and we spent many months praying for his health and healing.  We ran into his mom Teresa at one of our first surgery appointments at Sutter, before we knew....before we switched over to the oncology side of the office.  The two sign-in windows are a mere 3 feet apart in the clinic yet worlds apart in reality for us. 

Our first night in the hospital, I was shell-shocked, stunned, unable to form rational thoughts or plans, nor even begin to think about needs other that Emma and her diagnosis and Teresa gave me a gift.  She gave me her sleeping pad to add to the very hard hospital bed/chair that parents are given to sleep in the corner of their child's room.  She had been there for many nights and knew what could help me at least attempt a better night's sleep.  It was a small token of love and care that will forever remind me that even the little gestures can mean the world to a person in pain or grief or worry.  Thank you Teresa. 

After many months of declining heath, Jacob received a bone marrow transplant on June 16, 2011.  He is such a brave kid who demonstrated fearless optimism to Emma each time he would say hi to her on the pediatric oncology floor, in the playroom at the hospital, or plopping down on her hospital bed to compare new apps for their iPads while petting the hospital therapy dog.

Jacob, Emma and Hazel the dog

Here is more of Jacob's story and the link to his blog HERE

Jacob, age 15, has aplastic anemia. 
On July 6, 2010, Jacob was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia, a potentially fatal condition in which his body’s bone marrow does not produce enough new blood cells. Doctors at UCSF have determined  that a bone marrow transplant was critical for Jacob to live a long and healthy life. He has undergone two different types of chemotherapy to wipe out his damaged bone marrow, followed by a transplant. Jacob and his mother are staying San Francisco, near the hospital for six to seven months.
Jacob lives in Lincoln, California with his mother and sister. Jacob loves fishing, swimming, and skateboarding. One of his true passions is riding dirt bikes and he holds an American Bicycle Association BMX card. When not enjoying these outdoor activities, he plays the violin, trumpet, and flute.

Jacob has many months of healing and recovery ahead, and his mom Teresa has had several medical challenges of her own lately.  We are so honored to be able to offer some relief, just as Teresa offered it to me that night of February 16, 2011.

Jacob was admitted back into the hospital for a fever yesterday.  We are praying for you Jacob. 

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  1. as are we, sweet, brave Jacob! May His healing hands hold you all tightly.
    -the cortez family


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