Thursday, September 22, 2011

Little Emma

Emma Jaine

Friends, we'd like you to meet Emma Jaine...or as we refer to her as "Little Emma".  We met her family on the evening when we were admitted after hearing that afternoon that Emma Kait had cancer.  I blogged about meeting Emma and her family in one of the first postings.  You can read about it HERE.

We have stayed in contact with this family and often run into them at our appointments at the clinic.  We've been hospitalized several times at the same time, but unfortunately we've never been able to share a room together.....maybe next time?

We were so touched by this strong family.  Our Emma loves to see Little Emma's name on the sign in sheet at the clinic and laughs at the memory of Little Emma singing at the top of her lungs to the music from Mama Mia from the next door exam room.

We knew right away that we wanted to help this family with some of the proceeds from Emma's Walk as they have many medical expenses and extra testing to pay for during Little Emma's 3 year journey.

Here is more about her story and here is a link to her Carepages site:  EmmaJaine 
(you can search for her page with her name EmmaJaine with no spaces)

Emma Jaine's Story
written by Emma Jaine's Mom...

Emma is an absolutely amazing & perfect little girl who is battling against T-Cell Leukemia. Emma had a cold as many other children get regularly. We noticed that her breating was a little irregular and went to the pediatrician to be checked out. We were sent to the hospital for tests as the pediatrician thought Emma had pnemonia. We there discovered that her white blood cell count was nearly 78,000 with 15,000 being average... and further testing concluded the unfortunate diagnosis of Leukemia. We plan on staying positive and keeping all the faith that we are going to triumph over the disease and watch Emma go to her first day of kindergarten, her first date, graduating high school, getting married, having children and discovering the world in her own way! She is a fighter and will beat this! Emma is such a strong and feisty little girl and is fighting hard against this monster of a disease. She has had two doses of chemo and many, many doses of both steroids and antibiotics and has responded amazingly to them. We have a long & challenging 3 years ahead of us with the first year being the most critical and will destroy over 99% of the white blood cells. Unfortunatly the chemo doesn't simply destroy the nasty bad white blood cells but also kills off the good productive white blood cells as well. This completely wipes out her body's natural defense against infections and we will need to be more than extremely careful to keep germs away from her. We will be as preventitive as we possibly are able to. Emma and the family can use all the prayers we can get! We pray for Emma's body to fight off any possible infection and we pray that she is able to get rid of the immature destructive white cells and create healthy white blood cells. We pray that she responds amazingly to the treatments and help get her little body healthy once again. She is a happy, spunky little girl who DEFINITELY knows what she does and does not like. She is super independent and loves to do things on her own without help from mom and dad. She is also very vociferous and will let us know what wants and what she does not. She loves to color and loves stickers even more. She loves playing with her big sister Chloe and being adored by her big brother Jonah. She loves singing songs, reading books & playing outside. Emma's favorite movies at the moment are Monsters Inc. and Princess & the Frog. Emma's favorite foods are cheetos, pizza & m&m's.

We are so excited to be able to share with Emma and her family.  You can see why they are so very special to us.  We are in this fight together which started on the same day with our beautiful blond daughters with the common name.....EMMA.  


  1. Overwhelmed. And praying for 2 innocent Emmas. Heart-clenched, Grammy

  2. little emma! we lift you up to our mighty Healer, God is the great physician! we pray for overwhelming amounts of strength, joy, peace and patience during this battle. "The joy of the LORD is my strength"


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Our Emma Kait

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