Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bald IS Beautiful

We are a hospital ward around here people.....the flu hit our house last Friday and is still raging on.  We are thankful for so many praying for Emma's health as she is the ONLY one who has not caught this particular virus of fever, headaches, cough and general feeling like a truck hit you and then backed up a few times for good measure.

I have been trying to post for a week now about our friends and loved ones who have jumped in and embraced the Bald is Beautiful concept already.  Please enjoy these images as much as we do as they are all individual stories of support in a very obvious and dramatic ways.  Each bald head (or dramatically shorter "do") walking around is a silent show of love for Emma Kait.   For each questioning glance or stare, each head shows the courage and support of our many amazing friends and family.

Uncle Garrett being styled by Rebecca

Papa and Garrett finished results

Cousin Gavin before

Cousin Gavin-no going back now

Emma and the boys

Aunt Christa in LA who skyped her head shaving (see Emma and Rebecca's reaction in lower right hand corner)


Big brother Joseph

Papa, Uncles Robb and Garrett, Cousins Gavin and Carter

Friend John who let his co-workers do the handy work

Looking good

They all got to join in the fun

When he ran out of hair, they got to doodle on his head! 

Thank you all....Papa, Jon (daddy) Gavin, Garrett, Joseph, Carter, Robb, Ian, Levi, Christa, John, Kathryn and Erika.  You are all truly BEAUTIFUL!!!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!!
    I just heard today that my nephew is going to participate on May 1 since I actually know you all. He was going to participate in St. Baldrick's again, but decided this would be better since we know your family.


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