Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Day

Working on a Bald is Beautiful pending :)  Emma's counts are up to 700 today, which means that she can play in her long anticipated and practiced for piano recital.  We are celebrating the little things.  She also made the local newspaper.  Will update tomorrow when we collect all the photos we need for the post.  Bald (or very short) is a new fashion statement....didn't you know?

Loomis News article:


  1. Oh yes, i did know that!!! :) Praise God!!! loving the counts news...praying the recital goes great! can't wait to see all the beautiful bald heads out there!! love you ek!

  2. Hi Rebecca & Jon,
    Kim Palaferri here, photog who took images for Loomis News article. Joiya suggested you might want those images and if so how can I get them to you? She also suggested I read over this blog, so lovely and amazing. Your images are incredible Jon!!! A very touching and compelling blog, one I'll follow too.
    Anyway, I didn't see an email address so I had to post a comment. Contact me directly if you want those images and I'll send out a cd to you.
    Peaceful evening....
    Kim Palaferri


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