Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mixed Emotions

We are feeling so excited about the Bald is Beautiful BBQ event this coming Sunday at 4pm at Del Oro High School.  We continue to be overwhelmed and humbled at the outpouring of love and support for Emma Kait by people willing to attend the event, donate food, donate to the silent auction, get sponsored for walking, help set-up, shave heads, etc, etc, etc.  It feels as though an army of people are coming together to help carry one little girl on their shoulders in her battle against a very nasty disease. She needs that right now more than ever. 

Speaking of that little girl.  She is tired.  There has been a very marked change in her energy level this past week.  Our entire family has been sick with the flu, and we spent the entire spring break draped over the many beds and couches in our little house.  Emma did not catch the same flu bug, but the effects of the very high doses of Prednisone and a new chemo drug called "MP-6" that she takes for the first 5 days of each maintenance cycle, has caused her to act like she's just finished running a marathon.  She hardly has the energy to get out of bed and when she does, she tires very quickly.  She was acting so out of the ordinary, that I took her for blood work yesterday just to make sure she was not getting anemic or had any other underlying blood issues, and found out that thankfully her counts were high (ANC 2500) and her other blood work looked good.  She is just plain tired from the assault her body is enduring from all the medications.  It's so hard to see your child actually ACT like a sick child.  It was easier in some ways to deny that she was being so violently affected by all of this, when she was acting still perky and energetic.

We are praying for strength for her and especially protection against fevers in the next few days, so she can attend the BBQ.  We are praying for energy to return so she can enjoy the remaining few weeks of her 4th grade year.  We are praying for health for the rest of our family. 



  1. joining you in all of those prayers...i can't fathom what it is to walk in her shoes (or yours).
    i wish my love for you all could cover over all of this and disappear it away. may you rest in the truth that His love is sufficient, even for this. He is MIGHTY to save.

  2. Dear Stamphill Family:
    Your story touches my heart. It is beautiful to see the Love and Compassion shared by the Community to support Miss Emma Kait. My husband and I had the privilege to play golf with Emma Kait's grandfather at Black Oak golf course recently. A delightful gentleman! He mentioned that two other children from your church are affected by this disease. I write free lance for SacramentoPress.com (online newspaper). Is there a story that should be researched?
    Blessings to you all on this remarkable journey. Whenever a child is ill, our hearts are opened to embrace her.

  3. Praying, praying, praying. Nothing wrong with that.
    It's wonderful to hear that she somehow managed to escape the flu-little blessings I'm sure!
    If she didn't have bad days it would make it harder to remember just how hard she and her little body are fighting.
    You all continue to be in my thoughts and I look forward to sharing the love on Sunday!

  4. We love you dear friends and continue to petition our Savior on behalf us all of you and especially Emma. I am praying for a renewal in her strength and that God would be very real to her today.

  5. We are continuing in prayer for Emma and rest of your precious family! God's strength be with you.
    Art and kim


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